Sunday, November 18, 2018

My short excerpt on Experiencing the college atmosphere…. again

It was already hard....very hard….to make a decision of going back to college in pursuit of a MBA degree. It wasn't the impending studies that were worrying me, but the fact that I would be doing it after three years of finishing my engineering degree.

After the last job where I worked as a Service Engineer at Mumbai Airport for more than 17 months, I had realized that I could do better than this and that there are lots of places that I could contribute to. So I set my sights on clearing CET and CMAT and by the end of cap rounds in July 2018, I was here taking admission at VESIM. Choosing VESIM wasn't that hard a decision, while it does not parade itself as the best MBA College of the city, it is definitely among the Top 10 and has quite a decent reputation.

So it was mid-august and I was back in a college campus. To start off, it was a nervy experience, meeting new people has always been uncomfortable for me although I do get accustomed to them quickly; it's always finding the conversation starter that I struggled at. With no known faces alongside, I attended the Induction day and everything there was a surreal experience. The campus had a good vibe about it and so did the atmosphere in around the college, unlike my dull engineering college campus located at the outskirts of the city.

When it comes to making friends, what better way than complaining about something together and that’s where I made some friends too, we all had a similar distaste for the food and soon by the end of day one, I had made 5 friends. Our college soon introduced us to a unique outbound program where we were pushed to introduce our self to random fellow students, which was soon followed by bunch of Management games. While I seemed to hate this approach at first, I had started liking it within couple of hours. The group activity helped me bond with few more guys and by the end of the program, I was already beginning to settle in. 

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Our regular college life started with a bang as we were given a activity in the very first week in which we were divided into different teams and were told to sell about 120 bags – as much as this activity was for us to develop our communication and marketing skills, it was also about helping an NGO to market their products. And thus began my new college life, every other week College would organize a seminar or invite a guest lecturer, helping me knowing the world of business in much better way.

The different cells like Marketing cell, Finance cell, Women development cell, Sports cell, etc where students would be part of some initiatives taken by respective cell was also something of an unexpected turn for me, after all this kind of push for participation were a rare case in my previous college. But one of the cells that I was very much interested in was the BIC - Business Incubation cell, where the members were encouraged in developing their own business ideas.

The Library, the canteens, the neighboring engineering building, the atmosphere around it all brought back my engineering memories. Reminiscing those days, I realized that while I should enjoy the fun and adventures that would come across me in the next 2 years it was also important that I concentrate and keep my focus steady on why I decided to do MBA and make the best use of this second lease of college life.

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