Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Take-Beautiful Sikkim

Last week i came from a 10 day long trip of Kolkata-Gangtok-Darjeeling. It was a tiring trip as I live in Mumbai and travelling 2 days in a train is by no means enjoyable. even if you are with your friends you are bound to get tired. But the trip was worth a visit. Although Kolkata and Darjeeling are world famous cities for various reasons I was quite surprised to see Sikkim to be such a beautiful place.

The Beautiful Rumtek monasteries, Hanuman tok, Ganesh tok, Rock Garden, Changu lake etc. The views are not only breathtaking but also mind freshening. Looking at the culture, people, environment, It Just made me realize, how big this world is and how single minded we think. Sometimes, we need to take a break and spend some time exploring such places.

Located in the Himalayan mountains, It is surrounded by 3 countries -Nepal, China, Bhutan. Until this trip I had thought the official language of Sikkim would be Sikkimese but I was surprised to see people here speak Nepali and another local language called Lepcha which I had never heard of but all people over here understand Hindi and are ever ready to communicate in it.

The people here are quite friendly too so if anyone is offering you a trip to Sikkim, My recommendation: Don't Hesitate. Small State, Small cities but Beautiful nonetheless.

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