Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Take-Goodbye 'NOKIA'

There was a time when most of the Indian mobile market was covered with only one brand 'NOKIA'. The phones had everything from common calling options to various applications supports. Samsung, Sony and Motorolo were just a bystanders in front of the Nokia traffic. The only competitions Nokia had would have been I phones and that to as a status symbol.
Then came the Android platform and Nokia all of a sudden had, not one but many competitors in Samsung, Sony along with new companies like Micromax, Karbonn. The mere fact that Nokia was not willing to embrace Android may have been the reason for the decline of its market.

Nokia has always managed to make a low-cost handset with its Symbian platform for its low-end markets and when google's Android came they shifted to windows platform. Together they came up with Lumia series, but it was not made for low-end markets that was once ruled by Nokia itself. With the world shifting from feature phones to smartphone and with Micromax, Samsung, Karbonn and Moto E bringing out low-cost Android phones, Windows Phone growth was very slow for Nokia.

Before being completely taken over by Microsoft, Nokia launched the X handset with Android platform for low-end markets. putting Microsoft into a tricky situation of whether keeping it or abandoning it. And that would be the last of the Nokia's many models of phones made for the low-end markets.Like a goodbye gifts for us.

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