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5 Best Indian Special forces everyone must know.

     Being situated with hostile neighborhoods and always prone to terror attacks or Natural calamities it is thanks to these elite forces that safeguards us from any attacks or disasters, yet they go unnoticed. These are some of best Indian elite forces that every Indian could be proud of.

  1.   NSG Commandos

NSG stands for National Security Guard and comes under Ministry of Home Affairs

Active since-1984

Nicknames- Black Cats

Created for- To tackle all facets of terrorisms in country with a view to protect states from internal disturbances.

Motto- “Sarvatra Sarvottam Surakhsha (Omnipresent Omnipotent Defence)”

Engagements- Operation Black ThunderOperation Ashwamedh, Operation Black Tornado, 2013 Bangalore and Hyderabad Blasts, Etc.

Training- They have a very hard core training with a drop rate of 70-80%.
  •  Physical fitness ranges from an cross-country obstacle course to jumping from heights and across divides and scaling different kinds terrain
  •  One endurance test involves martial arts, target shooting at the end of an obstacle-ridden cross-country run.
  •  NSG commandos are trained in parkour French obstacle clearance technique 
  • Pekiti-Tirsia Kali new form of martial art from Philippines and many other advance techniques.
  2.    PARA Commandos

Para Commandos is a Special unit of the Indian Army's Parachute Regiment and among the oldest regime of Air borne units.

Active since 1 July 1966

Created for: Special operations, Direct action, Seek and Destroy, Hostage rescue, foreign internal defense, Covert operations etc.
Motto: Men apart, every man an emperor.”

Engagements- Indo-Pakistani war of 197, Operation Blue Star, Operation Rakshak, Counter-insurgency operations in Myanmar, etc.

TrainingA special Force operator has to undergo a longest but continuous training process of 3.5 years.
They are imparted with:
     ·         Specialized mode of infiltration and exfiltration , either by air(combat freefall) or by Sea(combat diving).
·         Free-fall training of up to 33500 feet.
·         HAPPS(High Altitude parachute penetration system)
·         Stealth insertion training.
·         Others include Demolition training, Linguistic skill and logistic training, Surival training, weapon handling training, etc.

  3.   Marcos

MARCOS stands for Marine Commandos, which was earlier also known as Marine Commando Force (MCF).

A unit of Indian navy specifically trained and equipped for carrying out special operations in a maritime environment.

Created for- Amphibious warfare, Counter terrorism, Special reconnaissance, Hostage rescues, ETC.

Active since- 14 Feb. 1987

Nicknames- Magarmach (Crocodile)/ Dadiwala fauj (Bearded army)

EngagementsOperations Cactus, Operations Leech, Operations Pawan, Kargil war, Operations Tornado, Counter terrorism in J & K, etc.
The MARCOS are trained in:
·         All kinds Weapons training from basic knifes to hand guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and also with Bare hands.
·         Open and closed circuit diving
·         Basic commando skills including advanced weapon skills, demolitions, endurance training and martial arts
·         Para training
·         Intelligence training
·         Operation of submersible craft
·         Operations from submarines
·         Sky diving
·         Parachute into open water with full combat load.

  4.   COBRA Commandos

COBRA stands for Commander Battalion for Resolute Action. A specialized unit of CRPF trained in tracking, hunting and eliminating enemies.

Active since 12 September 2008

Created - To track, hunt and eliminate small naxalite groups

Motto - “Victory or Death”

Engagements- Ops conducted in Dantewada district, Duli forests, Saranda forests, etc.

Training- Trained at Counter insurgency in Mizoram and Counter terrorists school in Silchar
Some training includes;
  •   Art of camouflage and jungle warfare
  •    Halo jump Training 
  •    Ambush and precision strikes

  5.  Garud Commandos Force

Garud is special Forces unit of Indian Air Force and derived from divine bird Garuda from Hindu mythology.

Active since- 8 Feb. 2004

Created for- Direct Action, Airfield Seizures, Airborne Operations, Disaster relief, Search and rescue, etc.

Motto- “Prahar se Suraksha(Offence is best form of defence)”

Engagements- Deployed in Congo as UN peace Keeping operations, Security during Aero India, Ongoing operations in Kashmir

  • Phase 1 is a three month probationary training which filters candidates for the next phases of training.
  • Phase 2 is a special operations training imparted by the Special Group of the Special Frontier Force, the army, NSG and the paramilitary forces.
  • Next, qualified candidates proceed to the Parachute Training School (PTS) at Agra to complete the basic airborne phase. Trainees are trained along with paratroopers of the Indian Army.
  • Phase 3 concentrates on fields like jungle and snow survival, demolition, etc. Garuds also train at the diving school of the Indian Navy and the Army's Counter insurgency in Mizoram and Counter terrorists school in Silchar
  •  The final phase of training is active operations on being attached to Special Force Units of the Indian Army, which helps the Garuds in gaining operational experience.
  • After induction, the commandos also undergo advanced training, including anti-hijack and counter insurgency training, jungle and snow survival techniques, specialized weapon handling and advanced driving skills

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