Friday, March 13, 2015

My Take-A sensationalized documentary.

Few days back BBC released a documentary titled 'India's Daughter' and got banned by the officials. Well this just my opinion about it.

The documentary was made to create sensation. Because it showed interviews of rapists and their lawyers,  but does not talk about safeguarding women and their rights or means to tackle the problem. All it did was pick on an incident and dwell on how bad the incident was.

The western media apparently termed India as 'land of rapists' after the government of India banned the BBC documentary which showed the incidents of the December 16 nightmare.
With reports like student having his visa rejected for being an Indian. or the rapist getting paid for interviews (Rape convict gets paid 40,000 for interview)suggest that the documentary had a biased agenda because the people speaking in the video are sharing their opinions and not facts about India or Indian men. They are not representing the entire Indian population. Because not everyone behave like them check this link out Indians response to gender Bias and I guess you will understand better.

The following video was made by an Indian about rapes in UK aptly named as 'UK's daughter'.

Well rape is a global phenomenon and instead of fighting over documentaries, and stereotyping the country and its society. The world must come together in fighting such violent cases. Because no matter what country be it South Africa(ranked 1), USA(ranked 14) or India(ranked 94) in Rape rates it is an issue that needs to be solved.

PS- Being Ranked 94th in rape rates is not something to be proud of because Rape is still a unforgivable crime.

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