Sunday, September 7, 2014


After the debacle of 2007 cricket World cup, the game took a certain roadblocks with fans turning against their own heroes. It was at this time, ICL- Indian cricket league was born with its concept of 20-over games with foreign players and club systems. Being an event opposing the cricket board it couldn't get the required star players and the league fizzled out in coming years.

         Then came the T20 world cup victory followed by the Grand opening of IPL which some argue as the brainchild of now suspended lalit modi. The league was a hit, not just because of the Quick entertaining format and the quality of matches, but also because there was a mixture of Bollywood in it, which according to me is one of the topmost discussed topics among common people along with cricket. Well sounds like a good idea, yes but not for every sports. What people forget is Cricket was not exactly the most liked game of India, it was after the world cup victory of 1983 and emergence of player like kapil dev, sunil gavaskar, sachin tendulkar who put the country's name in the world cricketing map that people started to love this game.

          Now that's what other sports organization has to do. Create interest, nurture Talents, spread the game and most importantly work for the game and not for the boards, after this look for leagues. That's why PROkabbadi worked, because it is played in almost every school in almost every corner of the country and already has the advantage of being a short, quick paced game. What I feel about Indian football's new venture 'ISL' and its success is similar to that of Hockey India league and would very much depend on how it is presented to the audience. Let's hope it would be enjoyable.

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