Friday, September 5, 2014


As this week's 'MARY KOM' released it made me wonder how a country of 1.5 billion still struggles to be a sporting superpower unlike Australia, Russia, USA or china for that matter. And by sporting superpower I mean, a heck lot other sport than cricket, although we are not no.1 in that either. Sports like boxing, wrestling, shooting and to some extent badminton are catching fire among youngsters nowadays due to the recent Olympic and CWG success but there are still lot other games yet to find its name in the limelight. while team games like hockey are not doing much , for the occasional crowds it gathers, individuals games like athletics, just do not get sponsors .

Following the footsteps of cricket is the first step it seems for all sports organisation in India. After the launch of IPL, there has been enormous money and fans getting involved to the already popular games ultimately profiting the game and the people behind it. Looking at it many other sports organisation have started to get their own leagues. But will it succeed? That's the question that needs to be answered? There has been contrasting opinions and results to this question. Sports like Hockey, Badminton and Kabbadi have been launched into their respective leagues. While the recently concluded PROKabbadi seems to have succeeded in creating interest, It has not been the same sweet story for badminton despite creating a buzz,

On the other side, Our national game 'Hockey' may not have succeeded the way IPL has been, but it at least got noticed and the players seem to have benefited from the experience of international players as shown in their recent CWG games performances. So whats been the differences between the cricket and other leagues? Well that's in PART-2. While football's ISL is being launched next month let just hope it goes up 'IPL style'.

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