Sunday, December 21, 2014

Devil's Tree

Narendra was brave and courageous even at the age of 8. He would love to hang upside down on his favourite champa tree. He would love to visit his friend house where this champa tree was also present. They use to play together and hang around the branches of tree for fun.

One day an elderly friend of narendra's friend's father visited the place. He saw the kids playing around the tree and hanging around the branches. Worried that they would injure themselves if the branch breaks, he went to them and told them to get down. Obviously curious narendra asked ,"what is the matter sir? Is something wrong? ".
To stop them going up again, the elderly tried to scare them," you should never climb a champ tree, it is a devil's tree."

"Devil's tree!", narendra's friend exclaimed.
"Yes, Devil's tree, those who climb on them are cursed by the devil."

"Really!!", said the friend now scared.
"Yes, really. He would come at night and take away their heads."said the elderly feeling satisfied.

Narendra was just listening and at the end he went back and the climbed the tree again.
Seeing this his friend said, "hey, what are you doing? Didn't you hear what he said."

A short animated video regarding the same story

Narendra clamly replied, "I have been climbing this tree for last few months, I have neither met the devil nor my head has been taken away. Just because he is older than us doesn't mean he always right."

The boy was right, there was no such thing as devil on that tree and unlike his friend he didn't get scared away by that fake story, he later grew up to be the man who introduced Indian philosophy to the Western world, widely regarded as greatest Indian Hindu monk - 'Swami Vivekananda'.

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