Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Half Knowledge is dangerous

When you don’t know about something you better not speak about it. ‘Half Knowledge’ is dangerous or as in this case ‘no Knowledge’ is dangerous

We are living in a generation of high Insecurities, people with little or no knowledge of something are just making it worse. Be it in religious fanaticism or technological fear, there are always increase in number of people giving their expert advices.

In the following video, Former IRS and Income Tax officer Vishwa Bandhu confidently explains how data's can be extracted from the Air, yes actual surrounding Air, SIM card memory transfers to Batteries of Mobile and effect of Bad weather like rain and storm on cloud computing.

Border lining on being one of those spoof or funny interviews as you hear it, in this actual interview, the lack of knowledge of this former officer is appalling, but what is more shocking is his confident explanation of a technology that he has no idea about. Even in engineering viva’s, Student are never been this full of shit and they have a record of giving answer which makes no sense.

While us being educated guys will understand and looked through his interview, imagine the shock, an uneducated person would have when he hears it, knowing that his Aadhar or bank systems are computer based now a days.

‘Half Knowledge’ is dangerous or as in this case ‘no Knowledge’ is dangerous. Rather than blabbering about something that you don't understand it is better to listen about it, Yes Listening Something that is the need of the hour for this current society.

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