Monday, July 11, 2016

Momondo The DNA journey- A youtube video that takes your DNA to a surprise ride

About a Month back Momondo a travel site came up with a beautiful video, where a group of people from different backgrounds like race, countries, etc. were brought together for a DNA test. The video starts with people giving their opinions about what they feel about others or themselves and then asking them to take a DNA test. The result of the test constitute the second part, which has some shocking revelations and moments of the participants about how and what they feel after learning a part about themselves from the DNA result. This video through the magic of DNA testing is a commendable effort to prove the world that we are more alike than different.

The DNA Journey

 A must watch video with a message that's sure to at least make you start thinking about it. Although the video from the travel site Momondo is trying to portray a message, there are reports that have questioned the authenticity of video with scientist claiming that there is no Standard to say a persons blood is 100% Indian or Danish or American, so how can you come up with percentages. Also some of the reports say that the people involved as participants in the video are actually bunch of actors.
So whether they are fake reactions or scripted, is that the question to be asked?
So it could all be fake, just acting, the reports done by the Travel site for its vested Interests. But is that the point that we are suppose to take from this video, the question we are supposed to ask. No! In the world filled with violence's all over and blame games actively running with it, the moment of realization is what could make us understand that we are all same. A moment to think that, Its the same red blood and that we are supposed to live like humans and not any Jew or Christian, Hindu or Muslim, they are religions meant to improve the meaning of our life, not destroy it.
Its your decision to join or not. But Understand the question it gives
Around 20 years back, Krantiveer was released with Nana patekar as the protagonists giving few of the best Dialogue performances ever on silver screen. One such moment includes him questioning a riot stricken person about his integrity, asking him the difference between bloods to describe religion. It had the similar message, about similar we are, and how we get triggered to fight one another because of few unwanted elements of society. watch it and relive the moment of the videos. And take a moment to think about it.

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