Sunday, April 24, 2016

Few Big Plans and a small step towards it

In other worlds, How I came across the blogging world.

In every Indian engineering students life there comes a time when they decide to do some think extraordinary or something different, something that is unique (which actually is not). These are the Times when these guys think of Starting a Websites or Becoming a freelancer Photographer or writing a book, Starting a band etc. But unless you start striving for it, it will only remain an idea and later a regret, that you did not even try.

So similarly we decided to start an Educational website. Planned for couple of days of how to do it, what to do for it, what are the needs, stats, data, money etc. One of us decide to use his money, while other decided to use is coding skills. Few days later, the planning was still going on. Finally it was decided to start a blog get some viewers and then convert it to website
Writer's block will sometime question you, but don't give up

So I decided to start writing myself about topics like the poor education system of the country. Two articles down and end of contents didn't knew what more to write on education system, eventually we dragged it along for few months and the plan was dropped. Few months later I started my own blog and started writing on variety of content. It was not easy, I have yet to get the continues flair to write. Sometimes it is easy, the mood sets me in, but sometimes it is not, the writers block in other words.

So, a year after all the big plans and talking eventually my small step has got this blog started. And Now I don't regret it.

A post for Indiblogger contest edition 114. #IAmABlogger

I am Re-Editing this post to inspire myself and other bloggers: I started blogging sometime around September 2013, My view count was around 5-6K when this post was written(24 April 2016). Today(2 Aug 2017) just over an year later, my blog is now a website and the view count is around 47K seems like a exponential growth and I would like it to continue in future too.

For all the new bloggers out there I would say just keep writing, it will grow and even if does not look like it, still keep writing, remember your reason for starting it in the first place and keep working on it

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