Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Sketch of the Staring Bird

Seldom does one get a chance to appreciate art or at least I was never one of them? Having never visited any art galleries or museums in my life while being a terrible painter myself, I never took the opportunity to admire something that is painted. I do appreciate a good Photograph and understand a bit of it but the Paintings were never the same for me.
The Recreated sketch of the original photograph 'Staring at the lens' taken by Sudarshan Naik

So when I saw a blog post asking for interested people's click to be recreated in the form of a sketch, I was skeptical but still obliged to see what comes of it. Keya's World is a site run by Sabrina Wohlfeil that includes various aspects of her work – whether it is arts, design, clothing, cosplay, or maybe even music.

Deciding to recreate the original picture 'Staring at the Lens' taken by Sudarshan Naik, Keya produced this amazing sketch that almost brings out the original feel. The idea of #Borrowedmemories hashtag has been a great one for a blog parade through sketches as it  also serves perfectly as she recreated a memory of somebody else 

I thank you Sabrina for starting this amazing idea of blog parade and hope to see more of these sketches.

Checkout Sabrina's other works:===>> Keya's World
The Original link of the photograph:===>> Staring at the lens

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