Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tata Tea Kanan Devans-The Photography Escapade

Tata Tea Kanan Devan has launched a new venture, 'The photography Escapades - For the Love of Chai', for the lovers of both Tea and Photography. A competition were the participants have to send in their 3 best clicks, along with a Caption and a story behind the click. 18th July being the last day I came to know about it today when a causal surfing in twitter I found it trending. So Digging up my photo albums of the various trips, I have sent in my 3 best clicks with a backstory consisting of a simple Chai behind it.

1. A game on foots
During a monastery visit of my Sikkim Trip, while enjoying a cup of Tea across the lawn, I saw bunch of young monks playing with a cloth ball . smiling all along they spoke less but enjoyed more a moment for this click and a moment to enjoy with a Tea. after a while we joined along too for few minutes.

2. A routine during long journeys
Every long distance journey has 3 things in common for me, A camera, a good book and a cup of Chai. This was taken during my Chandigarh trip, the early morning cold weather carries a different experience for tea along with giving me a foggy view outside but cool pic for the cam. I so feel sorry for the Non-Tea drinkers, They would never know what they miss.

3. Even Trees follow a queue
During one of the breaks for tea, had this beautiful tea garden across the road on view, where these trees were grown in a straight line as if they are following a queue.

Rules are pretty simple send in your 3 best clicks alongside a good caption and a backstory to it regarding tea, Also you get to show your other Photography talent by sharing your other works from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website and other such links

The winner of this competition could win a trip to click and sip Kanan Devan's glory for 4 Days 3 nights to Munnar, Kanan Devan hills, Kerala. For Participation visit today at Kanan Devan Tea 

Pictures by: Chittaranjan Shetty

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