Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rituals-Where does it come from?

How can tossing a baby bring good luck?
Ever Imagined how did it start, when did it began, who said it first, or why was it started? we knew many of those rituals is not something that came with life on earth, not something that existed in stone age times or even during the times when gods graced the earth to teach righteousness. Some of the rituals are downright ridiculous and unbelievable still we followed them just because it was said by elders who were told by their elders. Rituals like widow burning or Sati was eventually banned, while baby tossing is something that has existed till the recent past.

Some rituals was results of clear misinterpretation.
When questioned why? they would probably tell that these rituals are meant to cleanse you or bring good luck and health, but how? They are not sure. A lot of rituals that our parents told us probably had no meaning because when you question them, they would not know and turn us down by saying that we are not meant to question it. And that is not true, I had once read a story- Devils tree about a child being stopped by a elderly from climbing trees by saying that it was haunted in return the child did not heed and said that so far he had been doing it for long time and nothing happened, so probably you are wrong. that child was Swami Vivekananda. Can you Imagine what would have happened if some other kid had listened to it and continued the word of haunted to his other friends and then his kids in future, this is how rituals grows, they are baseless but would have still stopped kids from doing it in the name of god or devil or what not.

Read them and be your own judge
Some are clear cases of misinterpretation, one regarding Sati is cleared out in the following site Religion and its rituals were meant to teach us about what's good and bad, what's right and wrong and not to live in fear. Sometimes religious rituals or teaching can be wrong, or it could be depended on the situations, if you can see and understand what is wrong and your religion teaches you to do otherwise, then think about it again. Even back in Mahabharata, all the elders like Bhisma, Dronacharya and others knew what was happening to pandavas was unjust but they still stuck with kauravas because it was their so called dharma to the motherland and king that was stopping them So it was not surprising that Lord Krishna wanted Arjun to fight them. While even In Ramayana, Vibhishan left his evil brother Ravan  and came to Lord Ram because he knew what was wrong and took side of the right.

So that's what i took from those stories that religion and their teaching depends upon what is right and what's wrong and with relevance to these times I guess we all are smart enough to distinguish that.

P.S.: All the stuff I wrote here about Gods and rituals are my opinions, and meant no disrespect to anyone.

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