Monday, March 28, 2016

Sachin Vs Virat - Great players in their own way

That day, I realized his greatness when he scored that unbeaten 133 in 86 balls against Sri Lanka at Hobart, it was a sign what was he about to become for the country of billion fans. Obvious comparisons with Sachin Tendulkar had started long time ago but it was not agreed by everyone, After all he Started his career when the legend was still playing. He had one thing common with the great at that time, and that was his penchant for runs, and century accumulation just like Tendulkar did in 90's.
With the victory in the T20 worldcup match against Austrilia, India qualified for the semifinal thanks to virat's tremendous world class knock, which reminded people of sachin's Desert storm against the same opponent almost 18 years back, No doubt comparisons between them has come out.
Is It Fair, Comparing the Two
Almost Similar
There is no doubt that both are one of their kind but are they similar, or Is it fair to compare them. As an Indian, we never stop comparing with one another, then be it our parents comparing us with Sharmaji's son or us comparing Irfan Phatan as next Kapil Dev, it just doesn't stop. This results in buildup of unnecessary expectation and pressures among the young ones, which not everyone can handle.
Few things that are similar between these two players is the stats and their dedications for the team. Here I list out some features what makes them apart:
The class of opposition:
The battle Against Warne and Shoaib Akthar was always treat to watch, while Virat is yet to get such Challengers
When you consider the oppositions class, Sachin stays ahead hands down, He played extra-ordinarily against the mighty Australians, one of the best teams for a decade, a team that consisted the likes of Mcgreath, Gillespie and Warne. And also excelled against bowlers like waqar, Akram, Muralitharan, vaas. He has also played against most of the current lot of best bowlers like Malinga, Steyn, Morkel etc When it comes to virat kohli, I would say he can play against all the bowlers of the present generation, but it must be noted that although this age of fast pace cricket comes with a added responsibility of scoring quickly, the quality of bowling has also reduced to some extent.

The Team
Always carrying the teams responsibilities

There is a gulf of difference between the teams that these two played for, Before 2000 or the time fab 4 came to take the burden off Sachin, The Indian team mostly depended on Sachin to bail them out, stories of families shutting down their TV sets after Sachin's dismissal had now become a folklore of sorts, It cannot be said in the same way for Virat, because there was always a good top order at the start of his career and now a cool headed captain behind him in the batting order, so its not like all hope is lost.

But it is also one of the reason for these comparisons is the present situation of team, which reminds of 90's team, One man playing against all odds while rest of the team crumbles, with only difference being virat takes it home, thanks to one or the other playing stepping up with him, unlike 90's Sachin, whose valiant knocks mostly ended up on losing sides.

Great players in their own way
Over the years with each match-winning innings the comparisons has grown, although both are poles apart in personalities. while virat is more aggressive, outspoken and has a 'in your face' attitude Sachin was more humble, less spoken and used to answer critics with his batting. Sachin always avoided sledging or unnecessary fights on the field, While Virat believes more in giving it back to the opposition.
But both are respected and equally feared by their opponent because of their one true genius talent:Batting.

  While the comparisons will always be there between the two, I believe if Virat continues his hunger for runs and winning attitude for few more years, People will automatically stop comparing and he will be one of a kind on his own, just like people stopped comparing Sachin with Sunil Gavaskar. There is no doubts in coming years both will be termed as legends of their era and make us proud.

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