Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How about these cartoons getting a live action movie??

 As 2016 gets ready with number of Marvels Superheroes and other comic book movies starting with this weeks Deadpool, the excitement for these movies has made me wonder how and when will some of the other best action cartoons gets a look in. Hollywood going live-action to some of the best anime's is not new. While a lot has failed to live up to expectation with live action films like Garfield, The last Air bender or the Dragon Ball evolution failing miserably, there are still lots of others anime that fans would love to see.

  There was a time in Indian television when after 9 PM your cartoon network channel would change into this other English channel called TNT and the cartoons would switch to some English series or movies. I still remember how the channel would change with Tom chasing Jerry into its hole and then placing bomb all over the place named TNT, which would blow up to a new channel or the one in which every letter doses off to sleep. But then Toonami happened and we had all the action animations like Dragon Ball Z and superhero shows like Batman Superman running all night.

Growing up to these cartoon is one of the reason I became a fan of DC or Marvel universe. So with all the Spiderman, Superman, Ironman or Batman movie franchises going live for the big screen, It was no wonder I became a big fan of these movies too. And with Hollywood turning to all other fairy tales stories for movies like Alice in wonderland, Snow White or the Maleficent, I just wish they look into some other anime's too.

   Here is list of some that I would love to see in live action.

1. The Lion King

Real life Mufasa and Simba

  With movies like Tarzan and The jungle book set to release later this year, It wouldn't be hard for Hollywood to bring this cartoon animals to life. People would love to see Simba, Timon or Pumba in Blood. And looking at the trailer of Jungle book, It seems to me that it would be a spectacle.

2. Aladdin

  One of the best underdog rags to riches stories, that almost everyone has heard and knows about, the fact that its 1992 animation movie was a huge hit, a live action should have been on the cards by now. who wouldn't love to see genie do crazy stuff in real.

  Also a with its Asian setting, Someone like Dev Patel or Suraj Sharma from life of PI would easily fit into the roll, although Robin Williams iconic voice over for genie would be missed. The film should entertain people if made right.

3. Pokemon

This Fan made Blastoise makes you wish a live action movie on them
  After watching this Fan made poster and trailer in YouTube, I feel like Hollywood should try it too and with films like jurassic park and avatar it proves CGI can bring any creature to life then why not Pokemon. It would cool to witness Pokemon Battle in a Live action movie.
Imagine how great a charizard or pikachu would look in these films.

4. Dragon Ball Z (With a better Script)

   Last time they messed up very bad and which was not what the film deserved. So considering that it is still a very popular series and having learned from the last version, they should have a fair idea of what is expected from them

Goku's duels would be epic to watch

  Well that's my opinion and I really wish they could come up with these movies too. What do you think about it and what are your favorite anime's that you would want to see as a live action movies ?Comment below.

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