Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Take- Fake Internet Posts

It’s not necessary, what we see has to be true.

Well, I am talking about social media and how people tend to believe the post or Photos posted on internet is real and start sharing it forward. It may be generated by some mischievous kid, just for fun or some people with vested interest but the fact is they fail to check long term or mass affect it has on people.

Every day, there has been so many posts or pictures posted on the internet as so called news or facts, that nowadays  it’s getting much harder to separate the fake from the real ones. It’s like every day is an April Fools' Day

Few days back I came across a photo in which a man dressed as an Indian army officer is shown crying for receiving a court marshal

Description: “…this Indian soldier was court marshaled for entering the territory of Pakistan without the permission of his seniors and killing some of their soldier as a response to Pakistan’s attack on India…”

Reality:   “It is a scene from a path breaking play “Court Martial” written in 1991 by Swadesh Deepak a popular Indian play writer, novelist and short story writer.”(link for more detail)

As I looked at the comment section of the post, I saw people fighting between themselves about whether he did the right thing or not, based on their respective opinions. The post blamed the Indian government and the higher army personnel for such incident and so did the people who read the post and didn’t mind checking its reality. People didn’t even realize the facts that how can a photograph allowed to be taken inside an army court.

People who blindly follow such stuff take out their emotions about the government or any respected person or organization through such sites. This encourages the persons who start such stories to use people’s feelings to make unwanted issues or create a fear or opinion about others and sometimes this even include our leaders.

One such example of creating a misleading hatred about great leaders is Mahatma Gandhi. In recent past there has been lot of incident where Gandhi’s image tarnished using some of his pictures, but what we fail to realize is in this generation of easy Photoshop software anything can be changed.

The Fake One:
One such picture is the above one where Gandhi is shown getting intimate with a foreign lady, but the reality is the picture is edited from the one with Nehru below.

The original one:
Look at the hand, paper and the face of Gandhi in both pictures and you will see the reality

Another such instance is the one below, where it was reported that mahatma is dancing with the foreigners while his country struggled for independence.

Reality:  He is an Australian actor dressed as Gandhi in Sydney.

Some of the fake pictures include glorification of personal heroes, one such pictures is assassination of Gandhi by Nathuram godse, 

Description: The post described that this is the original picture of how Gandhi died in reality that he was begging for mercy for his mistakes.

Reality: It is just a brilliant editing and distortion of facts. A movie snapshot blurred to give original 1940’s effect.

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         Godse had his reasons and to some extent I agree with his opinion of Gandhi’s role in partition (although I don’t agree the with the extreme step he took and again it’s just my opinion) but you don't need to glorify him using fake pictures and caption

         I am not a big supporter of Gandhi; he is not the ideal person to be followed. I have read or heard lot of stories that describe his negative side, some of which may be true. But over the years I have seen a lot of such post that turned out to be a fake. Sometimes I feel it is the result of all the corruptions, scam and the ignorance of UPA government towards the people that caused them to question our leaders of over sixty years -the origin of government. Maybe sixty years from now if the present government fails to deliver there would be images describing their notoriety.

Right now there are some fake images which are going around the country praising the present government like the one where even Barack Obama is listening to Narendra Modi

But the fact is it won’t take long before this praising fake pictures turn into blaming ones and people would start believing it such is the tender nature of emotions of some people.

P.S. The last image of Abraham Lincoln with a quote is fake one

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