Friday, February 6, 2015

My Take-Knocked Out!!

The AIB knockout video has created a huge uproar among various sections of society all over the country with contrasting views from public. While roasting is regular event in america, it was first of its kind in India. With about 4000 people watching the live event and millions more online event looked a success until the moral issues came popping up.

When I watched the video for the first time I was surprised myself, about the way actors talked. The AIB people created their name by making spoofs, troll videos on internet video sharing platform. So it wouldn't have been surprising for them to do it again in a live event with more abusive or filthy words added to it, after all it is a roast you are supposed to be trolled that way. But when the celebrities started it was unimaginable. I don't know if it was wrong, afterall they are humans too and the words they used weren't something new to public, it was the everyday slang that we hear among people nowadays.

But still some thought they crossed the line. When kapil Sharma started his new show comedy night's, a lot of people including myself felt that he makes the fun of audience and actors in front of them. But he would do that without using any f-words or the c-words. And he still managed to be funny and entertaining. if you look at it now he is one kind of a roaster too.

If the AIB had done it like comedy nights i.e without foul language, I don't think there would have been any controversy. While I still think the AIB knockout was entertaining I don't think it could sustain this new experiment in this sensitive country.

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