Sunday, February 21, 2016

Frustrated People, Frustrated life and their Frustrated Fights

You will always find watchmens guarding the door when their is no one inside
Patience and Understanding is an important aspect of our life that I realized recently. So this is an incident that I witnessed in a local Train while returning from my job few days ago. It was around 10 PM when I boarded the Ambernath local from Ghatkopar, Over the last 8 years of my local train travelling, from my junior college classes to engineering and now job, I have realized that no matter how empty or crowded a train is some people always want to stand at the door. I boarded the train, pushing aside the people at the door and stood beside the grilled wall, the train was full enough to occupy all the seats but not crowded as their was enough spaces to stand.
Night time is not always the crowd time
    As the train reached Bhandup station their was a sudden rush of people trying to get in, the people at the door weren't expecting it I guess, as some got pushed inside by the door. As a result there was a small grapple between two 40 year old's or maybe not but that's what they looked to me, one standing at the door got angry because of the push while other got furious at him for blocking the door. This was resulting in to a beginning of a big argument, the following is a conversation during the incident,

Commuter 1: Abey darwaze se hut na. (Get aside from the door) (while boarding the train)

Commuter 2: Terko kya problem hai tu chadda na upar (What's your problem you boarded the train alright)

Commuter 1: B@#$@%, merko kya problem hai matlab, mujhe lagana chadte waqt, Andar khada rehne ka na itna jagah hai({A cuss word} What do you mean what's my problem ,I got hurt while boarding Stand inside there is so much space)
This is Mumbai local there is always 'some space'
Commuter 2: Abey gaali kisko deta hai (who did you give that cuss word?)

As the anger between them was coming out in terms of words now, It wouldn't have taken long for them to get physical or at the very least use even more degrading bad words. People around never get in the middle of such fights because after such a tiring day, they don't care who is right or wrong, plus its an entertainment they could enjoy for a moment. That's when a 20 year old something who was standing at the door too, behind the commuter 2 shouted,
"Sorry Sorry, Meri galti thi me bhi door pe khada tha isiliye jagah block ho raha tha. (Getting aside from the door and turning to the commuter 2) Aap idhar aa jao, door khade the tho station ate waqt side hut jana chaiye. (Sorry Sorry, Its my fault I was standing at the door eventually blocking it, {turning to the commuter 2} You come this side, we should get aside when stations come so that people can board the train.)"

Nobody said anything after that, Commuter 1 didn't wanted to argue with a guy who took the blame while commuter 2 was too ashamed to say anything. And the fight that was just getting started, boiled down without much fuss.

As the train crossed the Mulund station, most of the crowd had cleared out and so did commuter 1. The 20 year old guy was still there, So out of curiosity, I asked him why did he take the blame, for which he said, "My friend was once involved in almost similar incident which resulted in fist fights between them ending in my friend being pushed off the train, luckily the train was nearing to halt at the station and my friend escaped with just bruises. The man with whom the fight started got down the train and helped him to the hospital and was apologetic at the incident, he said he was sorry and since he was frustrated with his own personal problem that he got angry with us which he didn't mean. It was an unnecessary fight for an petty incident which could have turned into a life changing accident for all the people involved. That's the day I realized that, Life is a struggle for everyone, all of us have our own problems, so we must keep patience and have understanding for such people. they are just frustrated people with their frustrated life and frustrated fights. look around you, these people, they travel these routes daily and its not a joy ride. So someone has to understand it, I don't go along taking blames for everyone but for such silly things, I see no problem and plus it makes me feel better."
It's definitely not a Joy ride
As he finished, the train neared thane station, getting off the train I realized that he was right in almost every sense. All these years of travelling myself, I never really got bored because I always had friends as it was our college days with no pressure of outside world. but now things has changed while I am in my job I don't enjoy my daily travelling any more. Life becomes a struggle once we are out of our comfort zone and start getting responsibilities on our shoulder, It is up to us to find ways enjoying it and not become one of those Frustrated People with their Frustrated life and Frustrated Fights.

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