Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The various names of India

"What's in a name?" The famous quote from Shakespeare's world renowned 'Romeo and Juliet' talks about the little difference a name makes to things stating that a 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'.

Taking this into equation lets take a look at all the names the world has called India ever since it was discovered. From Ancient books to Independent India, India has been named and renamed numerous number of times often by travelers of the world.
In recent times, I have seen my friends fighting over these silly and nonsensical issues like why India should be called Bharat and not India as the word India means Independent Nation declared in August (Based on what they read in Whatsapp). 

Well for those guys just stop using whatsapp and call our country whatever you like whether it is India or Bharat or Hindustan, because at the end of day, all those names will still remain our 'Country'.

Friday, June 15, 2018

सुचलेल्या ओळी - पावसाचा थेंब

सुचलेल्या ओळी - पावसाचा थेंब

- by Prasad Shendage

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

सुचलेल्या ओळी - शब्द म्हणजे सर्व काही

सुचलेल्या ओळी - शब्द म्हणजे सर्व काही

- by Prasad Shendage

If you want to use any of the Prasad's work from the above collection for your Websites, Blogs, Magazines or any other stuffs feel free to contact any of us here

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

From Sprinter to football, Usain Bolt en-route to new tracks

The worlds fastest man was floating with the idea of playing football professionally for quite a long time after retiring from his sprinting career and now Bolt will actually be seen donning the football boots.

Bolt, 31, retired from athletics last summer after a glittering running career in which he won eight Olympic gold medals and holds world records in 100 m and 200 m. Back in 2016, Bolt had frequently hinted at a career as a footballer stating that he would like to join Manchester United - the Club he supports.

Earlier in the year, while speaking to Daily Express Bolt had revealed plans of trials with Dortmund, "In March we're going to do a trials with Dortmund and that will determine what I do with that career, which way it goes. If they say I'm good, and that I need a bit of training, I'll do it."
On Sunday (25th Feb), Usain Bolt teased that he had signed for a football club, making the announcement on Twitter, although he did not reveal the club he had signed for, he asked his fans to wait till Tuesday (27th Feb). A South African top division club soon came up with a sly tweet stating "Football will never be the same".
Soon enough the football frenzied world started linking the world's fastest man to the south African club. However in the recent tweet by the Jamaican Legend things has cleared out a bit. 
So apparently Usain Bolt is donning the football boots but only for a game as he will lead Soccer Aid World XI against England XI in a charity game for UNICEF. The match will be held on 10th June at Old Trafford and while Usain Bolt's wish for signing for his favorite football club Manchester United may have to wait, nobody is stopping him from dazzling the world with a ball at his feet on the red devils home ground.

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